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The Wedding of Your Dreams!

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Church decoration

We offer You an elegant and well planned church decoration. Our wedding designs include both the natural and artificial flowers. Obviously, all the coloring of the church decoration is chosen by You.

We offer:

  • pew decoration,
  • the young couple chairs decoration,
  • the best man and the maid of honor chairs decoration,
  • high altar decoration,
  • door decoration,
  • decorated baskets for children, filled with rose petals,
  • small paper horns filled with rose petals
    or rice.

Wedding reception decoration

Do You dream about unique wedding reception decor? We offer You wedding decoration arranged in colors chosen
by You: classic white, romantic delicate pink, beautiful green... and what would You say about elegant red color? The choice belongs to You...We are open for innovative
and original ideas, extraordinary
combination of colors, as well as modern
and contemporary stylization.

We offer:

  • ceiling decoration with the use of fabric, decorative balls and lamps,
  • tables decoration with the use of flowers, candlesticks and other accessories,
  • additional decoration of tables and spots such as: music band stage, table for wedding cake, table for book of greetings, table for glasses,
  • the young couple chairs decoration,
  • the young couple table decoration,
  • decorative cards with names.

Looking for a professional music band?

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Registry office Decoration

The moment of exchanging wedding vows
in the Registry Office can be as much romantic as at church. We will provide
You with beautiful decoration of this place. We offer: flower alley, chair decoration
and centerpiece decoration.

The young couple apartament decoration

Suitable apartment decor is a must. It helps to make this place and moment extremely romantic and unforgettable.

Wedding car decoration

Decoration of Your wedding car is very important. We offer You flower arrangement on a bonnet, and also door and handle decoration.

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Occasional decoration

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tytka zboże altar decoration presents present church decoration church decoration First holy communion decoration - kłosy church decoration kule winietki altar bukiety stars kula z bibuły kule z bibuły stage decoration snowman kareta bat carnival decoration Christmas decoration

First holy communion decoration

We offer You church decoration suitable for this great occasion and also decoration of the party that follows the ceremony. No matter where the party takes place, in the house or in the restaurant, we will provide You with beautiful decor in order to emphasize this very special event in Your child's life.

Church Decoration

We offer You pews, kneelers and high altar decorations.

Party Decoration

We will decorate the place of the party with decorative fabric, flowers, candles and napkins.

You don't want Your child and Your guests to be bored at the party. Additionally, we prepared special attractions for children and guests. We will help You make this day memorable and unique.

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Birthday decoration

Make Your child's dream about happy and colourful birthday party come true! We offer You exceptional decor of the birthday party, properly selected according to liking and interests of Your kid. We propose You party decorated with colourful balloons, fabric and paintings. What is more, we offer You special theme birthday party such as: Indian theme, cowboy theme, fairy tale theme or any other theme you wish.

You don't have any special idea for You child's birthday party? Additionally, we will arrange joyful, full of attractions games and competitions for children. With us, Your kid and guests surely will not be bored!

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Company events decoration

We offer You decoration for You company, adequate for the type of celebration. On the occasion of Your company anniversary, promotional campaign or integration party, we will prepare extraordinary decoration of the room and tables.

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About Us

Marzena Sachajko The strong fascination for Polish Language began at Primary School thanks to my amazing teacher. However, everything what concerns foreigners: their different culture, tradition and language have fascinated me since I was a student. I graduated from Polish Philology at the University
of Wrocław in 2002 since when my adventure of teaching foreigners began seriously. One of the most beautiful sides of my work is meeting new people all the time and establishing relationships with them. I love teaching but even more I enjoy meeting the needs of my students, what brings a great satisfaction to me. That's why I often organize exceptional courses, outdoor lessons, and other unconventional and remarkable activities. My second passion is to fulfill children's dreams that in connection with my zeal to create various art arrangements gives fascinating attractions for kids.

Personally, I am a creative, sensible and easy - going person.
I like new challenges and I love to dream. Once, a friend of mine told me that if dreaming was punished in Poland, I surely would
be sentenced to life imprisonment. I believe that's true.

In my private life I am a happy wife and mother of a wonderful daughter who “infected me” with her passion to roller-skate. Moreover, I'm fond of cooking, sewing, and creating beautiful things. In my free time I reach for a good movie or an interesting book - often, it turns out to be the Bible.

Marzena Sochajko

AgnieszkaEver since I can remember I have been interested in art. I am passionate about drawing, paiting and sculpting.
My another area of interest is interior design. For the last seven years I have been making stage design and decoration for kids' performances, concerts and other cultural events.

I am happy that I  can develop my passion for art and decorating
in my professional life. Agnieszka podpis

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Marzena Sachajko
mobile: +48 508 189 000
e-mail: biuro@marzenia.edu.pl

Opolska 49a/5
52-010 Wrocław

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