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Birthday parties

Would you like to organize amazing attractions for your child? Would you like your child to spend time in a very creative and active way?

We would like to meet your expectations. We will create
a remarkable and unforgettable birthday party for your child!

We provide:

  • experienced and inventive entertainers,
  • plot and activities designed for children's age, tastes and interests,
  • extraordinary ideas for a birthday cake and food for children,
  • games and competitions,
  • small gifts for children,
  • invitations,
  • full service.

We offer various birthday party's scenarios:

  • Princesses and Knights on the Castle,
  • Cowboys in the Wild West,
  • Winter Adventure,
  • On the Animal Farm,
  • Pirates,
  • Driving Cars,
  • Robot's World,
  • Hannah Montana's Style,
  • Handy Manny,
  • In the Beauty Salon,
  • Fashion Show,
  • In the Theatre,
  • Art & Crafts,
  • The Olympics,
  • Science Experiments.

We can also create a unique scenario specifically for your child according to your child's interests and your expectations.

We can organize your child's birthday party either in your house, garden etc. or in other place provided by us.

Baby shower

In some countries, baby shower is a way
to celebrate the pending or recent birth of
a child by giving presents to parents and having a party. The term “shower” means that the expectant mother is “showered” with gifts.

We would like to organize your dream and unforgettable party among friends, sisters and other women. We will take care for such details as: invitations, decorations, food, games and most of all friendly and pleasant atmosphere. We would make this day a memorable and unique time for You.

Centrum Edukacji i Inspiracji twórczych - Marzenia


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Costume parties for children

We would like to invite you for an unforgettable costume party where every child will be able to dress up as a superhero, tale character or other favorite idol. We guarantee a lot of attractions: competitions and games for kids. You can choose yourself either a specific theme party or a general fancy dress party. Every party is always tailor-made to the age and interests of children.

Our service provides:

  • experienced entertainers,
  • face painting,
  • professional entertainments for kids,
  • competitions with small gifts,
  • music and art setting,
  • photography setting if you wish,
  • decoration if you wish.

We also help to arrange costumes.
Invite us and you'll see that a costume party can be a wonderful, joyful and funny time for Your child!

Centrum Edukacji i Inspiracji twórczych - Marzenia


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Corporate events for children

We offer you various corporate events for employees' children such as: Children's Day, Santa Claus' Day, jubilee of company and other important anniversaries; where the scenario is always tailor-made to your expectations and needs. We guarantee professional entertainers, music and photographic setting and - what's the most important - Your child's smile!!!

Santa Claus party

We invite Your children to an amazing, full of attraction travel to the Santa Claus Village in Lapland to meet him.

During this remarkable journey children will be able to sing and dance, but first of all experience true adventures of the Arctic Circle in a variety of competitions and games such as:

  • race on skis,
  • battle of snow,
  • jumping in sacks of Santa Claus,
  • reindeers teams,
  • jumping on the balls of snow,
  • race through the chimney of Santa Claus.

The souvenirs from the Christmas trip will be additional attractions for children and they will be able to make it by themselves in one of the polar areas of the arts. They will be able to choose the areas: painting and decorating glass ornaments, decorating bags for gifts, decorating Christmas cakes and making Christmas cards.

We provide:

  • experienced, inventive entertainers,
  • face painting,
  • props and materials needed for competitions,
  • small gifts for children,
  • music and art setting,
  • decoration,
  • photography setting,
  • relaxing place for the youngest who got tired by the intense journey to Santa Claus's House.
Open air events

We offer various open air events on many occasions such as: Children's Day, City Holiday, The End of Summer and other important events.

Scenario is always tailor-made to your expectations and needs. We guarantee professional entertainers, music and photographic setting, a lot of competitions and games for children, bubble show and other amazing animations.

If you wish we would provide additional attractions such as: bouncy-castle or springboard.

Centrum Edukacji i Inspiracji twórczych - Marzenia



Workshop for children

If You would like your child to spend his free time more actively and creatively we propose such activities as: art workshops, theatre performances and logic games designed for their age capabilities and interests.

Performances for children

Welcome to fairytale world, where you will experience unforgettable moments. You can be moved in to the magic world with the incredible characters.

In the near future we invite you to the production of “Cinderella” and the presentation “The Princess and a Pea”.

Art workshops

By creating the work of art children develop their imagination and ingenuity. Art workshops stimulate creativity, aesthetic sensibility and individual creativity. With us your child will have an occasion to do something very special. At our workshops children can paint and draw by using water colors, oil and dry pastels, charcoal, pencils, poster, acrylic and also try new techniques: collage, frottage, stained glass. Your kid can also decorate his creations with sequins, natural material, shells, slides, stones, sands and glitter.

Logic games for children

We offer logic games as an alternative idea for children who spend their free in front of computer. Board logic games help to think more logically and teach new strategies and how to lose.

Theatre workshops

Our classes could be an occasion to play drama scenes, music's improvisations
and to create puppet and “live actor” theatre. Your child will participate in voice production, diction, articulation and intonation classes and will have an opportunity to learn basic elements of pantomime what can help to overcome shyness and believe in his own abilities.

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Centrum Edukacji i Inspiracji twórczych - logo firmowe


Marzena Sachajko The strong fascination for Polish Language began at Primary School thanks to my amazing teacher. However, everything what concerns foreigners: their different culture, tradition and language have fascinated me since I was a student. I graduated from Polish Philology at the University
of Wrocław in 2002 since when my adventure of teaching foreigners began seriously. One of the most beautiful sides of my work is meeting new people all the time and establishing relationships with them. I love teaching but even more I enjoy meeting the needs of my students, what brings a great satisfaction to me. That's why I often organize exceptional courses, outdoor lessons, and other unconventional and remarkable activities. My second passion is to fulfill children's dreams that in connection with my zeal to create various art arrangements gives fascinating attractions for kids.

Personally, I am a creative, sensible and easy - going person.
I like new challenges and I love to dream. Once, a friend of mine told me that if dreaming was punished in Poland, I surely would
be sentenced to life imprisonment. I believe that's true.

In my private life I am a happy wife and mother of a wonderful daughter who “infected me” with her passion to roller-skate. Moreover, I'm fond of cooking, sewing, and creating beautiful things. In my free time I reach for a good movie or an interesting book - often, it turns out to be the Bible.

Marzena Sochajko

Joanna OgonowskaAt the moment I'm working full-time
as a teacher of the youngest class
at primary school. I'm also the speech therapist. My responsibilities
lie in teaching children not only how
to acquire the new knowledge, but also how to solve problems, develop relationships, as well as play and organize their free time.

I have 20 years of experience in working with children. I love my job and I believe it helps children to became unique individuals.

Every day I try to give each child the tools for adventure and help them to be artists and writers. So they could fly on the wind, dance on the stars and built castles of sand.

I like spending my free time reading interesting books, drawing oil pastel pictures, watching outstanding movies. I would like to learn to cook exotic meals and spend holidays traveling around the world. There are a lot of amazing places visiting of which I've been always dreaming about.

Joanna Ogonowska podpis
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Marzena Sachajko
mobile: +48 508 189 000
e-mail: biuro@marzenia.edu.pl

ul. Opolska 49a/5
52-010 Wrocław